Area Attractions

Diamond Motel located in Abilene certainly grants easy access to the numerous local attractions, which open up Abilene’s diverse culture, history, and magnificent nature. Among the major places a visitor should attend are:

  • Frontier Texas!: Located just a short drive away, this interactive non-profit museum offers a unique “journey through time” throughout the land of the Old West and the life of pioneers in the dramatic Texas frontier of the 1800s.
  • Abilene Zoo: A family-friendly option, where hundreds of animal species from around the globe delight visitors.
  • The Grace Museum: Will definitely spark an art lover’s interest, as it houses many art pieces as well as historical artifacts.
  • The Paramount Theatre: Located in close vicinity, is a historic theatre and hosts movies, concerts, and performances.
  • Dyess Air Force Base: Also has significant history and is of interest for all who want to learn more about military practices.
  • Abilene State Park: Where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, camping, bird watching, etc.
  • Taylor County Expo Center: A venue to check out the local culture by attending the live events which regularly are held there.
  • 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum: Shows artifacts and real combat vehicles as well as tells the personal stories of the people who lived through and those who fought in the war.
  • Downtown Abilene: The heart and soul of the city and a place to visit in the evening, with many stores, restaurants, bars, and visitor attractions.

Thus, Diamond Motel is an excellent choice for a stay, as it is located conveniently close to the attractions mentioned above.