Diamond Motel in Abilene offers several rooms to choose from, ranging from solo travelers to families. Every room type at Diamond Motel in Abilene is designed to be fully-functional and comfortable for our guests. Rooms are offered to guests who travel alone, in a company, and family hierarchically. Each can be equipped with a single, double, and family-sized beds. All these facilities are complemented with air conditioning, private bathrooms, table & chair, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are well decorated and comfortable. They are not just a place to stay but a real rest, nothing inferior to rest in your home. Well-designed large windows give ample natural light to flow in most rooms—family rooms offering one or more extra beds. This makes them suitable for guests traveling with kids or parents relaxing on a tour. The provision of coffee and tea facilities in the rooms provides the visitors with a warm morning drink.

All the rooms have standard and maintained equipment and are clean. Each room is well-arranged to maintain its cleanliness at its best. Our staff at Diamond Motel in Abilene is trained to provide high hospitality to keep the room clean and provide needed items on request.

People all over the world choose Diamond Motel in Abilene to spend a night, relax, or work at the place that offers optimal conditions. The rooms are arranged so that a person can work, relax, and spend time with loved ones.